Friday: Benefit evening Nieuwe Universiteit Utrecht

After the many protests for a more democratic and diverse university, and against the budget cuts, the privatizing of the university, increasing work pressure for both students and staff, it’s time for a party to celebrate the beginning of a renewed student movement in Utrecht!

Friday 12 October, 8pm – 11pm, ACU, Voorstraat 71, 3512 AK Utrecht

Hard voor weinig is a Leiden based punkband that will get the party started tonight with their raw, hardcore, punkmusic.

Zahrada is a Nijmegen based band, they will surprise us tonight with their versatile alternative music.

Het Huis van Betekenis,
Art collective will be doing live drawings. Member of the collective
Katja Fred will sell her drawings in favor of the benefit.

-Geertje Hulzenbos will speak on the use and necessity of local and nationwide studentmovements.

Jan Daalder will speak on what is the New University Utrecht, what do
we do, and how can you help us/join us/get to know more about us.

See the Facebook event for more details.